Tell Me No Lies by Rachel Branton front cover

Tell Me No Lies Available in Print!

Tell Me No Lies is finally in print! Enjoy!

Notice the AMAZING

Since the first day our youngest was born, we’ve told her (and anyone who will listen) how AMAZING she is. This has had a profound affect on my older children in regards to anything the baby does. They really do find her absolutely amazing, whether she’s smiling, walking, messing her pants (and her clothes and […]

Lucky Friday 13th

Lucky Friday 13th Book Deals

Friday the 13th is said to be unlucky, but today that’s not the case.

Why It Pays Readers to Invest in a Kindle, Android, or iPad/iPod

I have recently formatted fifteen of my older novels for ebook, most of them out-of-print as well as released three new projects (a novella, a chapter book, and a romantic suspense novel). Formatting for the Kindle came first because it was the most accessible to me, they have a huge platform, and they had a […]

Caller ID by Rachelle J. Christensen

I’m excited to let everyone know that Rachelle J. Christensen has a new book out called Caller ID. I very much enjoyed her book Wrong Number, so I was really looking forward to this novel. About the book:Courtney Beckham is rich and beautiful and seems to have everything going for her. Then one day she […]

Prank Wars–A Great Book for Valentines

My friend Stephanie has just released a new book called Prank Wars, a romantic comedy mystery novel. If you’ve read any of Steph’s novels, you’ll know that her words practically leap off the page. Prank Wars is a deliciously fun romp set in Provo and at BYU. The main character is Madeleine, a BYU student […]

60% Off Print Copies of Autumn Rain Series

Wow! From Feb 6-11 ONLY, online and in Deseret Book stores, my publisher is selling Imprints and Shades of Gray, books 1 & 2 of my Autumn Rain series, for 6.99 (reg 17.99)! I can’t get them anywhere near this price, so I’m passing along the word and stocking up for presents. Since #3, Final […]

Santa Present Mix-up

My eight-year-old wrote the following letter to Santa. While she waited for a response, she quite accidentally discovered a present with her name on it from Santa, the day BEFORE Christmas. Oops! Thankfully, Santa (who had brought her a camera) explained the mix-up. Dear Santa, How are you? Can you please answer the questions below? […]

Tell Me No Lies Available Now!

I’ve been working really hard to get this book up on the Kindle for my readers before Christmas, and I made it in the nick of time! This is actually NOT the final cover, as the real one isn’t quite finished, but the book has been ready for some time. Since I promised readers the […]