A Whole New World Spoof (A New Bathroom!)

Here is a spoof off of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World.” Dedicated to all you do-it-yourselfers out there. Sing it at your next church karaoke party. Believe it or not, that’s what I wrote it for and my husband and I sang it. Embarrassing! It takes practice (especially the toilet/Japan part), but it fits the music perfectly. Enjoy!

Come see our new bathroom
New tiles, new sink, and new shower
Tell me, darling, now when did you last
See a bathroom like this! I built it just for you
Let me show you each wonder
A toilet made in Japan
The kind with the seat warmer.
A new bathroom!
A new fantastic lounging place.
The TV over here.
The bidet over there.
No, you are not dreaming!

A new bathroom
A dozen dazzling mirrors
And now that I’m in here
It’s crystal clear
That Windex is the cleaner we should use!

Aladdin: Windex is the cleaner we should use!

Oh, I love my new bath.
I have a rug of spun gold.
Candles, bath salts, and laptop
So I can surf the Internet!
A new bathroom!

Aladdin: Paper made by Charmin

Jasmine: A hundred thousand thing to try

Aladdin: Hold your breath; it gets better

Jasmine: I’m like a movie star
I’ve come so far
I can’t go back to where I used to bathe!

Aladdin: A new bathroom!

Jasmine: Every shower a surprise
Aladdin: With windows open to the sea!

Jasmine: Even the towels feel softer

I’ll come here every time
I need a break
Sit in the jetted tub
And read a book

Aladdin: Our new bathroom!

Jasmine: Our new bathroom!

Aladdin: That’s where we’ll be.

Jasmine: That’s where we’ll be.

Aladdin: No kids allowed

Jasmine: A resting place

Both: For you and me

3 Responses to “A Whole New World Spoof (A New Bathroom!)”

  1. Shanda

    It was even funnier to hear you sing it in person :). Maybe we should have had you sing it again at the end of the podcast, lol.

  2. Suze

    Oh and here I was thinking that you ACTUALLY redid your bathroom!

    That was a really cute and funny song.

    *They have toilet seat warmers?!?


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